A La Carte 

Color Story for Your Home

 $450 USD 

Price is our design fee only

If you're excited about Alynn Loft Design creating a Color Story For Your Home, please make sure you fill out the short questionnaire in our Design Studio at the time of purchase so we can start to get to know you

Color speaks to us in so many ways.  Oftentimes, we don't realize how much the color of a room affects our mindset.  The color and lighting in a room also changes constantly throughout the day, from cool to warm.  The relationship between color and lighting is like eating healthy and getting enough sleep, one without the other leaves you feeling "off" 


Whether your buying, selling or flipping a new home, many clients are unsure about color combinations

Our Color Story for Your Home will include a room to room color scheme, from paint colors and hardwood stain to textiles and upholstery

Alynn Loft Design LLC

Garden & Backyard Patio Design

$1,000 USD 

Price is our designer fee only and may vary by square footage and/or complexity

It's that time of year here in the Midwest when we actually get to enjoy our patios.  We can help from a simple refresh to whole new layout.

Are you likely to spend more time at home this season and want to revamp your patio?


Do you need help finding creative solutions for greater privacy. ​

Need to find clever ways to camouflage unsightly obscurities?

Would you like to redesign to flow with the architecture of your home or latest design trends?

Alynn Loft Design LLC

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