E-Design Package

 $1,500 USD 

Price is our design fee only

Price is per space

We provide custom pricing if you purchase 3 or more E-Design Packages as a Design Bundle.

Really small spaces may warrant a price reduction

Alynn Loft Design can help you approach your design project with confidence

  • This package provides you with a beautiful and cohesive design concept personalized to your space and your lifestyle needs

  • You get the foundational elements that professional designers work with and clear directions for you to create your desired look

E-Design Package

Accurate Measurements: Specific measurements of your space taken by our design team (or provided by the client with guidance)

Floor Plan to Scale: Our design experts will create up to 2 optimum functioning floor plans

Custom Color Scheme: To achieve a certain mood/style, we'll suggest a comprehensive and cohesive color palette for your space

Lighting and Accessory Concept: We'll include lighting elements and styling in your rendering so you get see our vision for your space

Visual Renderings: A visual representation including the optimized floor plan, furnishings, colors scheme, and lighting styling.  We will provide a up to 2 conceptual renderings per space

Design Plan Specifications: We'll share detailed descriptions of the furnishings best suited for the space including: measurements, fabric options, arm style, cushion options, etc

Comprehensive Budget: We will summarize and line item all costs associated with the level of design we are presenting to you

Local Resource List: If you need a resource to execute part of our design plan, we'll connect you with that individual or business


Design Bundle: We'll reveal the final design package virtually or by mail.  Once presented, we will also provide a digital copy

If you'd like to purchase furnishings/decor with us, ask us about the Designer Trade Up.

Our Process:

  1. After having a Discovery Call & Design Consultation with us, you can purchase the E-Design Package

  2. We'll reconfirm and fill in any missing details from the design consultation

  3. Alynn Loft Design will spend 2-3 weeks customizing your design package for you, following our rigorous and detailed process

  4. When your design plan is complete, we will notify you via email and ship your design package to you.  We'll include as much detail as possible so that we can pass the design baton to you to execute the furniture purchasing, installation, project management and styling of the space

  5.  After we've presented your design, you'll have the ability to follow-up with us over one email to ask any questions you have about your design plan.  We will also make one revision to the floor plan and rendering(s) if you wish to see an adjustment


Our design expertise and disciplined process will provide you the detailed vision and framework to create your desired space

Is this design package the right fit for my needs?

  • I'm not one for detail but I can do some of the heavy lifting myself

  • I appreciate design but don't have a single design gene

  • There are too many choices and I need help making decisions

  • I enjoy certain aspects of an interior design project and could certainly use some expert guidance

  • I love Alynn Loft's style, I just need guidance and a plan to follow for my own home

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