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Do you feel overwhelmed by choices or just want an expert designer to help select the right materials for your home? 

Our Design Palette includes:

  • Selection of paint colors, textiles, countertops, fixture finishes, flooring, wallpaper and upholstery to achieve a cohesive look

  • We take the following into consideration: your style preference, the mood you are trying to achieve, whether you have children/pets, and the level of luxury you desire

  • Upon receiving your Design Palette, you will have the choice of sourcing the materials on your own, or we can source them for you

Each Design Palette will have its own unique touch, which means yours will be different than all others created for other clients thus far

And if you have a specific paint color or material in mind, please send us the details and we can work it into your Design Palette

Our Process:

  1. Design Palettes are created within 5-7 business days, and we will confirm timing to deliver your Design Palette.  A typical shipment takes a total of 2 weeks to arrive at your door.  

  2. Upon receiving your order, we may follow up via phone / email to ask any clarifying questions.

  3. Your Design Palette will be delivered with material samples and a personal note from Alynn Loft Design walking you through our design choices

Is a Design Palette right for my needs?

  • I have a restricted budget but want to make sure I'm investing in finishes I'll love and work cohesively within my space

  • I do a good job of picking out individual finishes but they don't look as good next to each other

  • I'm not very knowledgeable about the various types of finishes or get overwhelmed by what seems like an endless number of choices

  • I want an expert take show me what my design can look like beyond the materials available within traditional retail

Alynn Loft Design Palette

$575 USD 

Price is our design fee  

Price is per space

Some samples may require additional investment or incur additional shipping charges.  We will obtain your approval before charging any additional fees

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