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Discovery Call

 $0 USD (FREE)


Whether you are looking for Full-Service design, you’re a DIY’er or you're unsure where to start, Alynn Loft will help you navigate your design project

During the Discovery Call, we will explain next steps, and how we take a design from concept to completion

First, fill out our design questionnaire in our Design Studio

Second, schedule your 30 minute Discovery Call to discuss your new build, refresh or renovation need 

Why Alynn Loft Design?

For many, the unlimited number of design choices available today can be paralyzing, and renovation work is time-consuming


With her lifelong passion for art, architecture and design, Rachel founded Alynn Loft Design in 2019.  Her passion for design and natural sense of style will help you see beyond what you think is possible within your space and guide you behind your comfort zone - if you need a little nudge

As the founder and lead designer of Alynn Loft Design, Rachel also believes the design experience is equally important.  At Alynn Loft we follow a tried and true design process influenced by experience and a broad network of design colleagues

Rachel is a dependable consultant and confidant, someone you can trust to make expert decisions for your home

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