STEP 1: Discovery Call

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Your home is very personal.  It's a culmination of the years spent and a reflection of the people who live there.  In order to deliver a beautiful design that will elevate your lifestyle, we need to get to know you.  As a very first step, please fill out a short questionnaire on our online studio



Second, schedule a 30 minute Discovery Call.  We'll discuss your design needs in more detail and make sure we're a great fit before you invest in a paid onsite consultation 

We understand that design needs and budgets vary.  Whether your a DIY'er, a Hands-off'er or somewhere in between, Alynn Loft Design can lend our professional expertise at various stages of your project.  Our involvement helps to prevent costly mistakes and will make sure your home is expertly designed, personal and livable


Schedule a Discovery Call if...

  •  You want to refresh, redecorate or redesign a space

  •  You'd like some help space planning and creating a design plan

  •  You're interested in new furnishings and/or decor

  •  You need to style and complete a space with the finishing touches

  •  You need a color expert for paint, flooring, etc.

  •  You're looking for custom built-ins, furnishings, one of a kind decor, etc.

  •  You're moving, buying or flipping a home and need some direction from a design expert

  •  You have a need that's not show here, we accept the challenge!

Why Alynn Loft Design?

  • You're looking for an exceptional servicing experience.

  • You're not just looking for a designer, you're looking for a dependable consultant and confidant, someone you can trust to make reliable decisions for your home.

  • You value design as well as reducing stress & anxiety in your life, and you the design process and your lifestyle to reflect this.

  • You know your style but you want an eye that sees beyond what you think is possible within your space, or you want to be guided beyond your style comfort zone.

  • You just don't have the time.

  • The number of choices and details involved in such projects paralyzes you

  • You tried the DIY route and never finished, or didn't love it after all that work

Why now?

  • Your home is where you spend the majority of your time so you should invest in making it suit your needs and lifestyle.

  • Your life is extremely busy and you cannot possibly take on one more project.  You need a retreat!  You need to improve the function of your home so you can go about your day with grace and ease.

  • A sense of completion will allow you to retreat and enjoy your home while you focus on other things, rather than seeing your home as a list of never ending projects.

  • You just bought a home or entering a new life stage.  

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