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Luxury Full Service Design Package

 $6,000 USD 

Price is our design fee only

Price is per space

We provide custom pricing if you purchase 3 or more Luxury Full Service Design Packages as a Design Bundle.

Really small spaces such as an entryway may warrant a price reduction

As an exclusive interior design boutique we create personalized and custom spaces with that unique touch that separates your home from others

  • Luxury Full Service Design is our most desired design package.  With this package you will experience the full benefit of our consultative expertise.  Arguably better than a magazine, Alynn Loft Design's spaces are unique to your taste and lifestyle 

Luxury Full Service Design Package

Accurate Measurements: Specific measurements of your space taken by our design team

Floor Plan to Scale: Our design experts will create up to 2 optimum functioning floor plans

Trade Day: We'll pull in our A-team trades to get their input on any design ideas that involve construction, repair, etc. as well as scope associated with the work

Custom Color Scheme: To achieve a certain mood/style, we'll suggest a comprehensive and cohesive color palette for your space

Complete Lighting Plan: We'll consider the functionality and mood of your space and create a lighting plan for you. From floor lamps to wall sconces to chandeliers, we'll plan it all 

Visual Style and Accessory Plan: We'll include light accessory/styling elements in your rendering, as well as a visual inspiration board 

Detailed Renderings: A detailed, to-scale, visual representation of the space. Our cohesive designs include furnishings, lighting, window treatments, etc. We will create up to 2 detailed renderings per project

Furniture Sourcing Plan: We'll source furnishings from our best and most trusted vendors, including local and designer exclusive. We can also source traditional retail, if preferred, though we cannot guarantee quality of craftsmanship 

Comprehensive Budget: We will pull together a summary and line item all costs associated with the level of design we are presenting you. This includes construction pricing from our A-team vendors, as well as pricing for home furnishings and decor to complete the design

Design Presentation: We will present your entire design and answer any questions you may have. We will also send you a digital copy


Design Plan Approval: Any modifications on the design can be made at this time. Upon approval we move to the design execution phase.  Payment for all furnishings and materials is due at this time

Detailed Schedule Creation and Installation: We'll schedule and map out all elements of the design from this point forward

Construction and Renovation Management: Our team will manage and schedule all construction and installation work which aids efficiency of the overall project & timeline

Procurement & Tracking Logistics: We will order, track, receive and store all furnishings and product until Installation day.  Larger installation tasks will happen as needed along the way


Logistics Planning and Troubleshooting: We live in an imperfect world, so we will efficiently troubleshoot any discrepancies as needed

The Style Plan: We will fine tune a more concrete style plan to review with you as we get closer to the install day

Reveal Day Prep: Final installs, styling and accessorizing a space in one day requires a tremendous amount of planning and attention to detail. It will take us several days to pack and prepare for your big reveal.  Larger projects may require a multiple day install and we will be sure you're aware of this in advance

Delivery, Installation and Grand Reveal:  Our team will coordinate our trusted team of movers, installers and other design professionals to help us get the job done efficiently

Photo Shoot: A couple of days after your reveal day, we'll schedule a time to bring in our photographer to "shoot" your space. These shots will be used for marketing, our website, social media and magazine/media publications

Professional Courtesy: As you live in the space for a few days, we'll ask that you take note of any discrepancies or concerns you have on a "punch list". We will communicate with you and schedule a final walkthrough of the space and bring the professionals necessary to address your punch list

If you'd like to purchase furnishings/decor with us, ask us about the Designer Trade Up service we offer with a $5k minimum order

Our Process:

  1. After having a Discovery Call & Design Consultation with us, you can purchase the Luxury Full Service Design Package

  2. We will schedule an appointment with you and go over the Design Proposal, Project Roadmap and Service Agreement. Upon approval, we’ll collect 100% of design fees to begin the custom design plan

  3. We'll fine tune the design plan and investment summary

  4. After about 4-6 weeks of diligent work on your Design Plan, we will present our full vision for your space for approval.  Many elements will be actual, purchasable items, however some design elements, such as styling, may be conceptual. If need be, we will make one to two revisions before moving to the next phase

  5. After the Design Plan has been signed and approved, Alynn Loft Design will finalize selections and collect payment for all products and materials. We will manage and order all products, material, furnishings and finishes for the project on your behalf

  6. We'll create a project schedule and coordinate all tradespeople necessary for the job. We will provide you the best timeline we possibly can so you can plan around the work we are doing in your home. We will also track and coordinate all freight, shipments and deliveries, holding and storing all items until the Installation Phase. If there are any discrepancies, we will handle everything and make it right

  7. Styling comes later in the process and is the attention to detail and makes a space feel complete. Ideally, we like to keep this element somewhat of a surprise for the reveal, though can share details in advance if you wish

  8.  As we approach the end of the project, we will begin to install the finishing touches . We'll provide you with an install day as we continue to prep for the reveal. These days are long and sometimes hectic so we ask that you not be home during this time.   This will also allow you to experience a true reveal of the finished space/s

  9. Most clients keep everything, though you will have 1 week to let us know about any Styling elements you do not wish to keep 

  10. With your permission, we'll schedule a professional photo shoot within 1-2 days after the installation.  We’ll bring in our photography team, designers and tradespeople involved in the project so they can see the complete space and capture their hard work on camera

  11. Within 1 week of the Grand Reveal, we'll conduct a final walkthrough. We’ll ask that you keep track of any discrepancies or concerns you have on a "punch list".  We will address these promptly along with our tradespeople  

We believe we excel at customer service and love working directly with our clients to make their home more than they could have imagined for themselves

Is this the right package for me?

  • I want a luxury detailed design for my home

  • I'm not interested in managing my design project, I prefer to trust the process and leave it to the design professionals

  • I am a busy, hardworking professional and I want a beautiful home, but I don't have the time to shop, design or manage a project; I just want it done

  • I would like to renovate my home and need a trusted team of professionals to guide me through the process from start to finish.

  • I want a beautiful and functional home for my family to really LIVE in and be a luxurious space to entertain our guests

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